Secondary Themes: (Afternoon)

Kite Making

Once used as a measure of direction and a signal in military communications, today kites are flown as a fun leisure activity. In our kite making class, students will learn about the history and legends associated with the kite. Students will learn about different types and shapes of kites, and build their very own!

Mask Painting

The masks and costumes of the Chinese opera are beautiful creations. In our mask painting class, students will learn about the meaning behind each mask and have the opportunity to design and paint their own to take home.

Paper Cutting

Chinese traditional cut-paper – which is often used to decorate doors and windows – often carries meanings of good luck or fortune. In our paper cutting class, students will learn about paper cutting techniques, and create their own cut-paper creations.

Fan Painting

Summer is hot and humid, so what better way to cool down than with your own hand-painted fan? Learn traditional fan ink-painting techniques and create your own design in our fan painting class.

Chinese Chess

Chinese Chess, or Xiangqi, is a game of strategy and logic for two players. If you come to China, you will often see groups of Chinese men sitting at the side of a street crowded around a Xiangqi board. In our Chinese Chess class, students will not only become good Chinese Chess players, they will also be able to apply the logical skills involved in Chinese Chess to improve their decision-making in their daily life.


In our magic class, students will learn tricks that will amaze and astound you! From card tricks to levitation to making objects disappear, students will be introduced to all sorts of cool magic tricks. Doing magic tricks is not only incredibly fun, it is also a great way for students to build their confidence, concentration, and communication skills.


Hand Crafting

In this class, students will learn a variety of crafting techniques using new and recycled materials. Students will paint, cut, fold, tie, glue, and mold materials to create items that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Students will work with a number of different materials; from leather to paper to glass and beads, students will be able to create a beautiful art out of anything.


In our fitness class, students will enjoy the dances that blend international music and fast-paced steps to create an extremely fun fitness party!


Children of all ages can benefit from practicing yoga. As parents know all too well, it can be difficult for children to remain focused on important tasks in an era cellphones, laptops, and constant distraction. Yoga, however, can give students a new, more focused, outlook on life, boosting their concentration – and grades - in school while improving their physical strength and body-awareness.


In our cooking class, students will learn how to make healthy – and yummy – breads, cakes, and other baked goods that they can sample and take home.