After School Program Fall 2016

Washington Cathay Future Center 

2016 Fall Semester After School Program 

Class Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Grade K -3 Basic Drawing & Painting Fun Math I Chinese Language I Public Speaking I Voice, Chorus, Movement & Rhythms I 
Grade 4 and Above Public Speaking II
Voice, Chorus, Movement & Rhythms II Intermediate Drawing & Painting Fun Math II Chinese Language II
All Ages Hip Hop Wu Shu Chess Club Creative Art
Reading & Writing Club

Basic Drawing & Painting

This class is starting level instruction for a young artist.  Students will learn the fundamentals of art - line, shape, color, form, value, texture though the use of basic drawing and painting skills. Media that will be used in the class includes, but is not limited to, pencil, oil pastel, watercolor, and marker. Students will use the knowledge learned, creativity, and imagination to express themselves.  And will walk away with a greater understanding of the art making process and more confidence in their creative abilities. 

Voice, Chorus, Movement & Rhythms I

In our Voice, Chorus, Movement & Rhythms I class, students will discover the joy of movement and music! With lively and engaging games and activities, students will get to sing, dance, and experiment with a range of rhythmic instruments.

Fun Math I

In Fun Math I, students will be introduced to basic mathematical concepts. In each class, students will have the opportunity to apply the mathematical concepts they just learned, with fun puzzels, games, and activities (for example, understanding the math behind a magic trick). Students will improve their math skills and increase their interest in math.

Public Speaking I

In our public speaking class, students will learn how to communicate confidently and effectively in a fun and supportive learning environment. The class will cover important elements of verbal and non-verbal communication. Students will practice their public speaking though engaging activities and games

Beginner Chinese Class

This class will include the basic speaking components of Chinese language in addition to simple writing skills. Students will be able to speak and understand simple Chinese phrases, which will allow them to become familiar with language and gain the skills necessary to have a simple conversation in Chinese.

Intermediate Drawing & Painting

An excellent class for students who have successfully demonstrated the fundamentals of drawing confidently and independently and are ready for more. With this class, students will experience and learn to apply painting methods, color mixing and value to create their own originals and expand their artwork repertoire. This is an excellent class for students who have mastered the basics of drawing and are ready for more advanced artistic challenges. Students will learn about different painting methods, color mixing, and expand their artistic repertoire.

Voice, Chorus, Movement & Rhythms II

In our Voice, Chorus, Movement & Rhythms II class, students will get to experience the joy of music and movement! Students will respond to music by moving, singing and experimenting with a range of rhythmic instruments. Students will master different movements, tempos, and directionality. The class emphasizes healthy singing and vocal technique. Students will learn about music theory, sight-singing, ear-training, and breath control, while singing diverse styles of music.

Fun Math II

This class will increase students’ understanding of the math they are learning in school, while also introducing them to more advanced concepts. A variety of topics will be covered, including geometry and general problem solving skills.

Public Speaking II

In our public speaking class, students will learn how to communicate confidently and effectively. The class will cover important elements of verbal and non-verbal communication, such as volume, tone, word choice, eye contact, and pacing. Students will practice their public speaking though engaging games, presentations, and debates.

Intermediate Chinese Class

This class, although still focused on the oral skills of Chinese Language, will have an increased focus on writing and reading in Chinese. Here students will be able to develop their abilities to speak, read, and write in Chinese to a higher level and gain more confidence in their Chinese language skills overall.

Hip Hop

This class is a high energy class where students receive step by step instruction on Hip Hop dancing. Each dance routine is broken down into easy-to-learn individual movements. The class features all your favorite music. Each class will include a warm up, stretching, and basic hip hop tricks.

Creative Art

The creative art class is designed to enhance students’ artistic abilities and creative thinking skills in a fun and exciting learning environment. This class will allow students to explore various art styles and mediums. Students will get to express themselves creatively through drawing, painting, crafting, and digital art.

Reading & Writing Club

The class aims to enhance students’ reading comprehension, writing skills, and vocabulary. Students will acquire the skills necessary to become more successful and independent in their academic work.

Chess Club

Chess is not only a fun game, it is also an excellent way for students to learn abstract concepts of planning, analysis and strategy. In this club, students will learn strategies for playing Chess, and play this game with other children their age. The critical thinking skills that children develop through playing this game will improve their confidence and decision-making skills.

Wu Shu

Wushu is an exhibition style of martial arts, as well as a full-contact sport. Wushu combines agility and grace with power and strength. Come and learn this exciting Chinese sport!