Chinese Painting Fall 2016

Program: Chinese Painting

Class Duration: 90 mins

Start Date: Sep 6th, 2016

Course Summary:

The class will foster unique eastern aesthetics with the relationship between beings and natural. Students may develop their artistic and creative talents in visual art through courses of Chinese landscape painting, flow-bird paintings and calligraphy. Meanwhile students may also gain various skills or ways of using Chinese brush, traditional ink, mineral colors and many other materials in water and ink painting. In addition, students may study as an intense group, guided by our teacher, go outside and enjoy the beauty of master works or collections from museum, galleries and create their own style in marking new paintings in the future.


Start Time Cource Name Status Tuition Registration
1:00pm Chinese Painting Open $320/16 class period Register

Instructor Bio

Alex Liu

Sep. 2015 Hoffberger School of Painting in MICA. (MFA)

Sep.2012 Department of Chinese Painting in Luxun Academy of Fine Art  (MFA)
Sep. 2008 Luxun Academy of Fine Art (BFA)
Neither/Or Hoffberger School of Painting Fall Show­­––MICA Lazarus Center Gallery
2015 Chinese Department of Painting Graduate Show––LAFA Gallery 06/15/2015
Water and Ink Experimental Work Show––LAFA Gallery 2014
Participated in the Traditional Chinese Painting—National College Student Flowers and Birds Painting Show held by Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2014.
Participated in the National Group Exhibitions of Nine Cities in 2014.
Presented in Chinese Young Artists Works Exhibition in the Gallery of Huangshang Morning Paper in 2014.
Organized the Small-Size Art Exhibition held in Lunxun Academy of Fine Arts in 2013.
Organized and participated in the Art Activity of Returning—In a Visual Way in Lunxun Academy of Fine Arts in December 2012.
Organized and participated in “Zhixing Ink Painting Show” in 2010.
Organized and participated in “Art --- Traditional Chinese Painting Show” in 2009.
Took part in Wenchuan Earthquake Donation Activity in 2008.