Chess Fall 2016

Program: Chess

Class Duration: 60 mins

Start Date: Sep 6th, 2016

Course Summary:

Washington Cathay future center is excited to begin the Chess classes from Sep 2016. Come join with us and your children will learn a lot chess and have a great time! Learning chess will open up a new world of possibility, because some of them are very talented and gifted for this game, causing them to become champions in the future. 

We are going to teach three different levels: 

  • Level 1- Beginner course 
  • Level 2- Intermediate course 
  • Level 3- Advanced course 
Please be a part of this amazing chess classes. 


We will have many exciting adventures on the chessboard together with the chess pieces, how to move the pieces, introduction to chess openings, how the game of chess can end. Combination basics to place your king in the safety place, open positions, semi-open positions and closed positions, the gambits. 


You will learn an enormous amount of useful information in this course and a lot of fun the weakness of the back rank, principle of attacking, castling to opposite sides Elimination of the defense, weak squares, pawn weaknesses exchanging pieces, planning, unexpected moves, giving perpetual check, passed pawn endgames and Advanced pawn endgames, tactics. 


You can learn a great deal of interesting and useful things, calculation, intuitive plans, or middle game, strategies in this series, blocking, incorrect combinations, winning with activity, intuitive sacrifices, active defense, counter play, fighting for the initiative simplifying the position, never give up too early, selected combination chess endgames.


Start Time Cource Name Status Tuition Registration
7:00pm Chess Level 3 Open $320/16 class period Register

Instructor Bio

Patrick Strella

Patrick has his degree in Business Administration and Sport’s Science. He have been playing chess since he was six years old and have won tournaments in New York and Maryland. Also, he achieved his highest title competing in the Mid Atlantic tennis competition as well as many of Montgomery County tournaments in Gaithersburg, Rockville and Olney. Patrick is a USCF trainer and have 15+ years of experience in teaching chess and tennis publically and privately. He instituted a specialized coaching program that led many students to become champions in the Montgomery County Chess Tournaments. Learning chess is more than a game, it will help develop skills used in many aspects of life. These skills directly correlate with the success of problem solving in life.