2017 Summer Camp Preview

Public Speaking & Debate Full Day Camps - The public speaking & debate camp teaches children to: research topics, develop logical and impactful arguments, anticipate and refute opposing arguments, and communicate effectively. Not only will the campers become outstanding debaters; they will also develop critical thinking skills and general communication skills that will help them succeed academically, socially, and in the real-world. These camps include real-time debates and solo presentations as well as a video recording that will be provided to each student when camp is complete.



Chinese Brush Painting Full Day Camp - Chinese brush painting has a history that goes back thousands of years. The brush painting camp will teach students how to find harmony between beings and nature. Students will develop their artistic and creative talents in visual art through lessons on Chinese landscape painting, flower-bird painting, and calligraphy. Students will also learn to create beautiful art pieces with traditional tools like the Chinese brush, mineral ink and specialized paper.




Kids Musical Theater - Experience musical theater in a fun, Full-day, two-week camp for 1 – 8 graders! Your child will work alongside accomplished Greater Washington Area professional artists during daily rehearsals in dancing, singing, and acting. With props and costumes, singing and scene-work, your child’s experience will culminate in a performance of a full-scale, youth-appropriate main stage show for friends and family.


Lego Advanced Robotics Full Day Camps - Under the guidance of their wonderful Lego Robotics teacher, students from age 9-15 will learn how to design, build, and program working robots using the latest Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics kit. With each project, your child will develop their skills in problem solving, designing, engineering, and programming.


Lego Junior Robotics & More to Math Full Day Camps

Lego Junior Robotics & Simple Machine Full Day Camps


- Within both camps, Students from ages 6-9 will have the opportunity to engage in cross-curricular learning through the use of LEGO WeDo 2.0. WeDo is a learning solution that brings together technology (icon based programmable software), curriculum and hands-on work, and is aligned with key educational standards and learning objectives. The project-based activities help build science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) knowledge while incorporating lessons that tap into students love for all things LEGO. Through LEGO’s WeDo, students will utilize their skills to create moving models, while enhancing their creative and problem-solving abilities.


More To Math is a hands-on educational tool for younger kids, targeted at teaching mathematical problem solving – a key component of today's mathematics curriculum. Students can learn a lot from rich mathematics lessons that also inspire teamwork, encourage perseverance, and promote a positive attitude toward solving math problems.


The Simple Machines include everything you need to inspire and empower elementary students (6+) to discover how the world works using simple machines. Ignite the students’ desire to learn about science and engineering concepts with a wide selection of engaging activities, including: Observing and investigating simple machines, following a design brief, and working with observing, reasoning, predicting, reflecting and critical thinking. When students begin using the Simple Machines Classroom Pack, they will discover basic physical science concepts such as gears, pulleys, levers, and wheels and axles.