Summer 2017 Camp Enrichment Class Description

Improvisational Theater

The complete title for this course is “Silent, Minimalist, Improvisational Theater”, and its objective is three-fold. First, students will develop and sharpen their nonverbal communication skills, relying solely on facial expressions and body language to convey their stories to the audience. (After all, physical acting is the heart of great theater and of public speaking!) Further, students will be limited in their usage of props and sets, using only 1-3, small props to create each scene. As such, students will develop incredible resourcefulness and boundless imagination. Lastly, students will enhance their abilities to think quickly and creatively on their feet when improvising skits, a useful skill both in theater and in life!

Mask Painting

The masks and costumes of the Chinese opera are beautiful creations. In our mask painting class, students will learn about the meaning behind each mask and have the opportunity to design and paint their own to take home.

Shakespeare New School

Why do they talk so weird? Well, that’s a valid question! Old English is rather weird, overdone and unnecessary, I suppose. Especially Shakespeare! But there is also an underlying beauty, poetry and richness to the language once we take the time to truly understand it. That is why we created this course, “Shakespeare New School”. This class will help students to deconstruct the meaning of Elizabethan text in plays like, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Hamlet”, “Macbeth”, “Comedy of Errors” and “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Then, once the vocabulary is clearer, the class will interpret and translate the material into fun, Modern English creations like songs, comic strips, poems, one-act plays and even videos!

Event Hosting

Communication professionals can enjoy a wealth of career opportunities. One of these opportunities lies in the exciting arena of event hosting. Whether it’s a school assembly, a birthday party, an international gala, a grand opening, or even the Grammy’s, this course will teach your student confidence, poise, articulation, improvisation, interviewing and eye contact. It will also allow your child to find his or her own unique voice and authenticity to shine on the stage and under any spotlight!

Short Story Writing and Publication

Writing is a wonderful form of self-expression, especially short story writing. Students can explore and expand their creativity, while they also strengthen skills in plot development, characterization and sensory language. By the end of this course, each student will have created his or her own fable, parable, fairytale, folktale, myth or legend. They will also have copyrighted their works through the Library of Congress, as well as, produced a typewritten and illustrated copy to enjoy for years to come!

Floor Gymnastics

Floor Gymnastics is fun aerobic exercise. Students will practice different gymnastic exercises, to music, to improve flexibility, strength, balance, posture, and cardiopulmonary function. This improvement will help them healthfully grow and develop.


Youth Yoga Class

The WCFC aims to not only enrich the minds of our students, but also their bodies and spirits. We offer Youth Yoga as healthy exercise to help improve body shape, the immune system, and flexibility for children. Yoga movements for children are specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of a growing body.


In our fitness class, students will enjoy the dances that blend international music and fast-paced steps to create an extremely fun fitness party!

Chinese Enrichment (K-2) 故事剧本表演


Chinese Enrichment 《西游记》戏剧表演

通过阅读中国经典文学作品(《西游记》aka Monkey King)应用中文语言,了解中华文化。将会采用《马立平中文》教材中的《西游记》简写本衍生剧本使小朋友能体会不同的章节:如《美猴王出世》《三打白骨精》《真假美猴王》《三借芭蕉扇》等。课程涵盖:学习中文,阅读理解名著,参与戏剧表演,了解中国地理,历史,宗教,哲学等中文文化各个方面,懂得什么是善与恶,懂得坚持和努力就会成功的道理。

watercolor workshop

watercolor workshop exploring different techniques and culminating in water color paintings of flowers. Ages: 6-8 years old.

Clay & Sculpey

Hand building sea animals. Students will learn the basics of hand building with clay and sculpture and make sculptures of their favorite marine life. Ages 8-10

Origami Installation

Students will learn the basics of a few origami animals and will learn how to string them together to make a chain of cranes that they can make into a sculpture or installation.

Dancing through Disney

Explore a whole new world through Disney song and dance! This class teaches the basics of jazz dance, ballet and hip hop through popular movies and musicals. Bring out your child's creative side with acting and dance!


Welcome to the beautiful world of ballet! Learn the ballet basics of skills, vocabulary, history and musicality of ballet just by having fun!

Introduction to Shakespeare

Take a trip around the globe with the worlds most famous playwright! Students will get a comprehensive introduction to Shakespearean comedy, drama, and history. Students will also get the chance to work with iambic pentameter on monologues and scenes!