2017 Summer Camp Welcome Package

Thank you for selecting the Washington Cathay Future Center as part of your child’s summer camp experience! You’ve given your child a wonderful gift – the opportunity to learn new skills, make meaningful new friendships and discover themselves outside of the classroom. We’re looking forward to a safe and fun summer that instills confidence in your child and creates wonderful memories.

At WCFC summer camp, we are guided by the mission to encourage students to express themselves creatively and challenge themselves intellectually. We believe firmly in the mission “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow”.

Safety and supervision are essential components of our camps. We carefully select our instructors from a vigorously screened group and train them extensively. If after reading all of the materials you have additional questions, feel free to email us (info@cathayfutureus.com) or call us at (301) 978 - 3918.

Looking forward to a wonderful summer together,

Avery Wan

Director & Principal