My Playhouse Courses


Mini Musicians ( Newborn- 18 month)

Discover the joy of music and movement in this melodic class! Your child will explore different sound making instruments and the delight of moving multi sensory props to the melodic tone and beats of a variety of music.  They’ll learn to recognize rhythms, patterns, timber as they try to verbalize new sounds and words

Music Makers (18Months- 5 years)

This musical and movement experience encourages the development of your child’s listening skills, concentration, rhythmic sensitivity, and motor control through exploration the globally diverse music . Your child will develop the coordination needed to play musical instruments,  new words to sing simple songs and actively engage their own bodies in moving to the music.

Making My Own Music (3-5 years)

This drop off class is designed to nurture the musical and social intelligence of your child by providing opportunities to explore voice, song and dances in a group setting. They’ll become more aware of pitch and rhythm as they learn to play together in a drum circle recognize the sound of different musical instruments and how the sound is made. 

Family Time Make Music Together!

Explore with your children as they discover their world by making music together. Families will learn and laugh through musical creation, exploration,  observation and interaction as they join in musical jams, singing and playing instruments together. Families will strengthen relationships and develop sharing and cooperation skills.


Mini Movers (Newborn to 18 Months)

This nurturing movement class will encourage your child to discover the wonderful ways their bodies can move. They’ll explore tummy and floor time so baby can move through early developmental movement patterns. They’ll explore in our specially created gymnastic room with lots of opportunities to develop their movement potential at their own pace.

Mighty Movers (18 months to 5yrs)

This playful energetic class focuses on developing your child’s movement and social intelligence as they learn more advanced movement concepts through creative dance movement and time exploring in our Laugh and Learn Playhouse gymnastic room. This room is designed for encouraging group interaction and developing more refined motor skills.

Family Time Move Together! (Newborn - 5 years)

This class offers your family an opportunity to move and learn together! Dancing and moving together is not only fun itis also educational! This class promotes positive social encounter, interaction, and cooperation as well as fostering coordination and kinesthetic memory.

Little Dancers (3-5 years)

This fun drop off class will introduce basic concepts of Creative Dance Movement and beginning Ballet technique. Children will develop body awareness, refining their large and fine motor skills, increase their coordination, balance, posture, listening skills and creative expression.


Creative Explorers (18months to 3yrs)

We combine sensory play, process-oriented art based projects to give your child a hands-one immersive experience. Your child will explore artistic concepts of Color, Texture and Shapes with a variety of artistic mediums as create their own masterpieces. And yes, it can get messy!

Family Art (Newborn-5 years)

Collage, Paint, Clay and Nature are the tools of your family’s creation in this class designed to develop decision making and personal expression. Together you and your children will explore the limitless possibilities of their own imagination using mixed mediums to realize their artistic vision.